The Connected Tracking Solution

Occupancy & People Counting

Smart technology for real-time visibility of occupancy and space utilization.

Comprehensive Monitoring

Occupancy Tracking

Occupancy monitoring removes the guesswork from essential business decisions improving and optimizing space utilization across various industries.

Large Venue

Advanced and accurate occupancy tracking for larger spaces with multiple entrances and exits.


Plug and play tracking to easily manage restrictions and safeguard smaller spaces with actionable occupancy data.


Helping commercial facilities make informed decisions with real-time tracking of room, desk, and space occupancy.

Restroom Utilization

Get restroom visiting trends to help schedule cleaning staff work according to occupancy intensity.

Real-Time Dashboard

Monitor Occupancy and Traffic

Make informed business decisions with access to accurate occupancy and people counting data.

Visual Aids

Display Occupancy on Digital Signage

Optional digital displays strategically placed to enhance occupancy and people-counting info.

Real-Time Notifications

Occupancy Alerts

When occupancy and headcount reach max thresholds, instantly notify key personnel via SMS and email alerts.

Advanced Tracking Technology

How It Works

Automate occupancy tracking with our sensor and digital signage technology.

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Comprehensive People Counting & Occupancy Tracking



Supports monitoring and documentation to help you meet social distancing compliance.


Access custom occupancy data reports across one or hundreds of locations.

Optimize Staffing

Enhance your workforce management by aligning staff scheduling with your peak and slow times.


Monitor areas such as restrooms to ensure that occupancy restrictions are met while optimizing cleaning schedules.

Our Sensors

Advanced People Counter

Highly accurate lidar sensor Ideal for large areas. Requires professional installation.

Infrared People Counter

Ideal for smaller locations with one entrance. Easy wire-free installation for accurate counting.

Swinging Door Sensor

Ideal for people counting in restrooms. Sensor attaches to top of door.

Room Occupancy

Mount on ceilings to know if conference rooms are in use at any given time.

Desk Occupancy

Attaches under desks to monitor desk usage in any office setting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Occupancy tracking provides technology to help your business accurately account for the number of people inside your establishment at any given time.

Tracking the number of people in your establishment is key to understanding your occupancy limits based on the square footage of your store. Countario provides the data needed to track occupancy and comply with social distancing.

Yes. We have a library of people counting sensors that can be adapted to your unique occupancy tracking requirements.

No. Digital signage is a great add-on that can help clearly communicate to your customers and employees of occupancy limits. 

Yes. Our flexible APIs can help you pull all data captured in Countario to your third party applications. Our team will provide documentation and support. 

No. Most of our sensors are plug-and-play and is DIY (do it yourself) installation. If a solution requires professional installation, we’ll be more than happy to provide the service.

Countario has a web and mobile application that will allow you to remotely track and monitor occupancy from anywhere. 

Yes. Our application supports one to hundreds of locations. Plus you can add an unlimited number of users to manage the account and/or receive alerts and reports.

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